Dennis Wong, YOR Health Co-Founder, Congratulates YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge Winners

Dennis Wong YOR HealthChallenge Group #65 served up some tough competition, says Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, who offers praise for the Men’s Slim and Men’s Sculpt winners.

Q: What group most recently completed the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: This last round was Group #65. There were Challengers from all over the world and the body transformations were unreal. I am humbled more with each and every Challenge Group and always look forward to the next.

Q: What was the top prize for each category?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: As always, first place in each group got to take home $1,000 in YOR Health products of their choosing.

Q: Tell us about Geovany Espinoza…

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Geovany is incredible and more than deserved to take home the gold in the Men’s Slim Challenge Group. With 31 pounds lost, this Culiacan, Mexico, resident has an inspiring story to tell. Geovany had started to feel bad about himself. He decided it was time to regain self-confidence and he turned to the YOR Health community for help. He says that during the Challenge he began to realize that real change comes from within.

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Dennis Wong YOR Health Co-Founder Reports Women Take Top Prize

Dennis Wong YOR HealthBody transformations are never easy, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health members prove, however, that they are possible. Here, Dennis Wong congratulates winners in Group #65 and offers praise to the dedicated men and women who stepped up their game, despite personal adversity.

Q: Group #65 was an amazing set of individuals. Talk to us about the Women’s Slim winner.

Dennis Wong YOR Health: That’s Araceli Martinez and her story is one that should be told. Araceli suffered a huge personal loss earlier this year. She was broken. Depressed. One day, she stepped onto the scale and had to do a double take. It said she was 33 pounds heavier than she’d ever been.

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Dennis Wong, YOR Health, Encourages Physical Activity

Dennis Wong YOR HealthYOR Health utilizes a worldwide network of distributors who promote the company’s mantra for a healthy way of life. Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, has learned a great deal about people’s exercise habits from the Promoters and customers he calls friends. Here, Wong answers questions and shares some of the wisdom relating to physical activity he’s collected over the years.

Q: What’s the best type of exercise, in your opinion?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: There isn’t necessarily an overall best exercise. It’s paramount, however, to engage in a number of different types of physical activities and integrate exercise into your daily routine. This helps you stay interested, maintain momentum, and give different muscle groups the opportunity to work and rest.

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Dennis Wong, YOR Health, Introduces 2015 Thermo-Slim Program

Dennis Wong YOR HealthDennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, answers your questions about the company’s newest 8 Week Thermo-Slim Program.

Q: What is the new 8 Week Thermo-Slim Program offered by YOR Health?

Dennis Wong YOR Health: This program is a complete guide to complement your YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge. This program is an important first step to help YOR Best Body Challengers set goals, learn how to eat and exercise for their body type and improve their overall health. The program combines diet, exercise, and YOR Health products to make one of the most effective fitness programs around.

Q: What are the three phases of the program?

Dennis Wong YOR Health: This eight week program is broken up into three phases. The first phase, weeks one and two, focus on getting the body in balance by creating a hospitable digestive environment. Weeks three through five focus on activating the metabolism, while the last three weeks of the program help to ignite healthy energy.

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Nutrition Tips with Dennis Wong, YOR Health Co-Founder

Dennis Wong YOR HealthDennis Wong started his journey to health and harmony over a decade ago. Today, the co-founder of one of the nation’s leading nutritional products companies answers questions about food and ways to keep your cravings in check.

Q: What’s the benefit of eating smaller, more frequent meals as opposed to three full meals a day?

Dennis Wong YOR Health: First, it helps eliminate the desire to eat on the go. If you always have food in your stomach, you’re less likely to snack without thought. Eating frequently also keeps the blood sugar regulated, which helps avoid insulin spikes that make you feel tired.

Q: Why do I find it so difficult to stick to a new diet?

Dennis Wong YOR Health: Making a positive change in your eating habits can be a struggle if the decision is done in haste. A healthy diet isn’t one that requires a drastic alteration of your food planning, at least not initially. If you drop everything you love at once, the cravings can be tough. A gradual transition is best. A great way to start is to replace your sweet snacks with fresh fruits, which give the body the sugar it needs to cope with the desire for candy.

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Dennis Wong and YOR Health Earn Accolades from Direct Sales Association

Dennis Wong YOR HealthDennis Wong of YOR Health is proud to report that YOR Health has been officially recognized by the DSA (Direct Sales Association). As a result of the company’s participation in the Code of Ethics Communications Initiatives, YOR Health has become a pioneer in ethical direct sales. Over the last six years, the team at YOR Health has raised the bar of health and wellness while offering opportunities for motivated people to take charge of their professional destinies. Direct sales is at the foundation of this revolutionary company.

In order to further define the goals and visions of the company’s leadership, Dennis Wong and YOR Health have laid out a series of 13 core values that all customers, independent representatives and management can follow. More than simple catchphrases or clichés, these core values represent a tried and true way of life. By upholding the loftiest standards of communications ethics, Dennis Wong and YOR Health have been deemed worthy of praise from the Direct Sales Association and gladly accept this honor.

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YOR Health Products Team Congratulates Ben “Abstacker” on 2013 Victories

YOR Health ProductsYOR Health Advisory Group member Ben “Abstacker” Handsaker was awarded the title of Overall Winner in the 2013 Asia-Pacific championships. Handsaker, during his third attempt, was also honored as the Overall Men’s Champion and ANB Fitness Model. Ben beat out hundreds of men from an international pool of fitness models to achieve these impressive victories.

The YOR Health Products Team reports that Ben is no stranger to the spotlight. In 2013, he also competed in and won a number of national and international fitness competitions including First Place in the Model Australia competition. Handsaker earned a second-place ranking in the physique category in the 2013 Musclemania Australia.

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