Dennis Wong and YOR Health Earn Accolades from Direct Sales Association

Dennis Wong YOR HealthDennis Wong of YOR Health is proud to report that YOR Health has been officially recognized by the DSA (Direct Sales Association). As a result of the company’s participation in the Code of Ethics Communications Initiatives, YOR Health has become a pioneer in ethical direct sales. Over the last six years, the team at YOR Health has raised the bar of health and wellness while offering opportunities for motivated people to take charge of their professional destinies. Direct sales is at the foundation of this revolutionary company.

In order to further define the goals and visions of the company’s leadership, Dennis Wong and YOR Health have laid out a series of 13 core values that all customers, independent representatives and management can follow. More than simple catchphrases or clichés, these core values represent a tried and true way of life. By upholding the loftiest standards of communications ethics, Dennis Wong and YOR Health have been deemed worthy of praise from the Direct Sales Association and gladly accept this honor.

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YOR Health Products Team Congratulates Ben “Abstacker” on 2013 Victories

YOR Health ProductsYOR Health Advisory Group member Ben “Abstacker” Handsaker was awarded the title of Overall Winner in the 2013 Asia-Pacific championships. Handsaker, during his third attempt, was also honored as the Overall Men’s Champion and ANB Fitness Model. Ben beat out hundreds of men from an international pool of fitness models to achieve these impressive victories.

The YOR Health Products Team reports that Ben is no stranger to the spotlight. In 2013, he also competed in and won a number of national and international fitness competitions including First Place in the Model Australia competition. Handsaker earned a second-place ranking in the physique category in the 2013 Musclemania Australia.

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YORHealth Allows Sheel Patel to Take Care of His Family

YORHealthFor YORHealth consumer Sheel Patel, a difficult home life proved to be just the thing to spur him onto great success. Growing up in a crime-ridden neighborhood in Lowell, Massachusetts, Patel experienced a number of hardships that may have caused many other people to throw in the towel. His parents were immigrants who did not know the culture or the language when they moved to the United States. Patel felt uncomfortable in school and failed to see a brighter future ahead.

Committed to making his parents proud and achieving a level of personal and professional freedom, Patel accepted the challenge set forth by YORHealth and its esteemed group of leaders. In the last year, Patel has seen the YORHealth team make a series of positive changes that have led towards renewal and rediscovery for all members.

Patel appreciates the fact that YORHealth mentors are incredibly generous with their time. At first, he struggled to stick to the program and leaned heavily on their guidance during the early stages. Once Patel settled into his new nutritional routine, he began seeing remarkable results in both his mental and physical fitness. Continue reading

YOR Health Announces New Extended Customer Service Hours

YOR HealthIn an effort to better serve its customers, YOR Health has extended its customer care support hours to include weekends.

Q: Why was the decision made to increase YOR Health customer care hours?

A: Our customers and representatives are our most valuable asset. We strongly believe that having access to customer care agents is an advantage to each member of the YOR Health family. Our customers have shown a commitment to us seven days a week and by adding the extended hours we have simply returned the favor.

Q: Is the new schedule a sign of positive business growth?

A: Absolutely. As our customers continue to grow so must we. Providing weekend hours for new and existing customers to reach our dedicated customer care specialists paves a path that encourages communication and stimulates growth for both the company and our customers. Continue reading

YORHealth Lifts Marcela Jota Vallejo Out of Troubling Work Situation

YORHealthBorn in Huejutla, Hidalgo, Mexico, Marcela Jota Vallejo has endured many challenges in her 26 years. She has overcome a series of obstacles in her work and home life by joining the YORHealth community.

Q: What difficulties had Marcela faced during her childhood?

YORHealth: Marcela and her two brothers grew up in a family that often struggled to keep a roof over their heads. She vowed not to repeat history by finding a better way in her career.

Q: Where did Marcela find the strength to move past her childhood hardships?

YORHealth: Marcela decided to pursue a career where she could afford the basic necessities and save up for future plans. Unfortunately, she experienced the dramatic reverberations of an unstable economy soon after graduating college. A friend of hers shared information about our company and encouraged her to become an independent representative. Continue reading

YOR Shake Shines as Staple Product for YORHealth

YOR HealthAt YORHealth, a focus on nutritional health is paramount to helping people live out their dreams on both personal and professional levels. Now, YORHealth has added another tremendous product to their weight management program: YOR Shake.

Q: For newcomers to your company, what is the YOR Shake?

YORHealth: The YOR Shake, previously known as the YOR MRP, is the staple of our product line.

Q: Which set of YORHealth customers can benefit most from YOR Shake?

YORHealth: Many people who have embarked on the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge are consistently using this product to achieve great results. That said, all customers are encouraged to give the YOR Shake a try. Continue reading

YORHealth Announces Winners of ‘Slim’ Categories for YOR Best Body Challenge

YOR-HealthQ: For those readers who are unfamiliar with the YOR Best Body Challenge, what exactly does it entail?

YORHealth: The YOR Best Body Challenge allows members to maximize potential from nutritional routines by using YORHealth products, by setting goals, and then sticking to those newly acquired healthy habits.

Q: How can YORHealth participants submit results for the YORHealth Best Body Challenge?

YORHealth: Upon completion of the 8-Week Challenge, members are required to send in a written testimonial as well as a series of “after” photos.

Q: Is there a deadline for participants?

YORHealth: Photos must be uploaded within 24 hours of completion of the challenge. On a bimonthly basis, our team rewards customers who have seen the most progress during the entire eight-week period. Continue reading