Utilizing Enzymes in YOR Health Products

enzyme molecule

YOR Health products offer exclusive patented features to provide real solutions and proven results. In order to have the highest quality products, YOR Health determined the precise amount and type of natural enzymes required to improve nutritional status. In the following Q&A, the YOR Health products team describes the importance of enzymes in our daily lives.

Q: What are enzymes?

YOR Health Products Team: Enzymes are proteins responsible for delivering and eliminating ingredients and chemicals our body uses daily. For example, enzymes found in the digestive tract help break down food into its smaller building blocks, in order to facilitate absorption into the body. Enzymes are essential for thinking, breathing, moving and talking.

Q: Where do enzymes come from?

YOR Health Products Team: There are only two ways we get enzymes: by producing them or by ingesting them. Unfortunately, we produce fewer enzymes as we age. Other factors that drain us of our bodies’ enzymes include stress and environmental pollution.

Q: How can we preserve enzymes?

YOR Health Products Team: We can preserve enzymes through raw food or supplemental digestive enzymes.

Q: Why take an enzyme supplement if I can just eat raw foods? 

YOR Health Products Team: Simply because raw food diets are difficult to maintain. If the food is cooked, however, the high temperature will destroy the enzymes. Enzyme supplements are a concentrated form of food enzymes that you can add to any diet so food breakdown will occur at a faster rate.

Q: What are YOR Health products composed of?

YOR Health Products Team: YOR Health believes that you are what you absorb. We start with the highest quality ingredients and then utilize enzyme delivery systems to ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness. We call it YOR NDS (Nutrition Delivery System), which is composed of natural and gentle plant-based enzymes.

YOR Health was founded in 2008 and specializes in wellness products. The California-based company appeals to a wide range of health conscious people around the globe.