Fit Any Lifestyle With the Help of Handy Accessories

yor shaker cupYOR Health products include premium-quality nutritional supplements and meal replacement shakes to help anyone lose weight and live well. While YOR Health products are easy to use and can fit virtually any lifestyle, YOR Health has taken the added step of creating accessories to help consumers enjoy YOR Health products anywhere. In the following Q&A, YOR Health describes some of the accessories and their features.

Q: Why are accessories important to individuals utilizing the YOR Health regimen?

YOR Health Products Team: At every turn, YOR Health is committed to the consumer. With that in mind, YOR Health wants to make sure anyone can enjoy YOR Shake, SuperGreens and more, wherever and whenever they would like.

Q: Tell readers about the YOR Health shaker cups.

YOR Health Products Team: The shaker cups are great, because they contain a mesh insert that ensures YOR Health products are properly mixed. The shaker cups come in both 20 and 25 fluid ounce sizes and fit conveniently into most cup holders. So whether at the gym or in the car, YOR Health products can go along for the ride.

Q: How are the YOR Health pillboxes helpful?

YOR Health Products Team: Both of the pillboxes offered allow consumers to keep their supplements organized and, more importantly, with them where ever they go. No more excuses for missed supplements!

Q: How can a consumer purchase these accessories?

YOR Health Products Team: All YOR Health products and accessories are sold through independent representatives. To find a representative or to learn more about purchasing YOR Health products, visit

About YOR Health
YOR Health was founded in California in 2008 and is at the forefront of a revolution in how the world approaches nutrition and wellness. YOR Health products were developed based on scientific research that says how nutrients are absorbed is just as important as what is actually eaten.