How Our Products Promote Health and Wellness

YOR Health ProductsYOR Health products have spread across the globe, helping people everywhere live healthier, happier lives. The secret to the success of YOR Health products is really no secret at all—it’s science. YOR Health products use scientific formulas to encourage the effective and most advantageous functioning of the body. YOR Health products can help people lose weight, increase energy, build muscle, and ultimately feel better.

YOR Health products are broken down into major categories, addressing the unique needs and desires of each customer. YOR Health products Weight Management category includes YOR Shake, which is a meal replacement product. This shake packs a powerful punch of proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in every 140 calorie serving and is one of the favorite YOR Health products. Additionally, YOR CompleteBurn fights weight gain by increasing metabolism with a personalized approach based on individual needs. YOR CompleteBurn not only addresses weight, but also aids in overall alertness and positive mental attitude, a unique feature of select YOR Health products.

The Essentials category of YOR Health products includes YOR Essential Vitamins and YOR SuperGreens, both of which provide customers a tremendous dose of vitamins, minerals, botanical and herbal extracts, and energy-producing antioxidants. Like all YOR Health products, the Essentials are a total body support system, giving the body what it needs to be healthy now and in the future.

The YOR Health products Energy & Fitness category was developed to provide a steady supply of energy to the body and aid in muscle recovery and repair. Within this YOR Health products category, customers can choose from YOR Berry Blast, YOR Repair, and YOR Repair Ultra. Ingredients for YOR Berry Blast are derived from 19 fruits and berries and include a patented enzyme activation system, an essential element in most YOR Health products. YOR Repair encourages ripped and torn muscles to repair themselves and grow; YOR Repair Ultra does the same thing, but at four times the intensity.

Finally, the YOR Health products include a Digestive Health category devoted to promoting the body’s natural digestive processes. The six YOR Health products in this line support the absorption of nutrients people eat, proper elimination, and the increase of good bacteria in the body. These YOR Health products make the body do what it is supposed to do, but better and more effectively for improved health and wellness.

YOR Health products help people not just stay in shape, but feel great. Within each category of YOR Health products, great care has been taken to develop only the most premium-quality shakes, drink mixes and vitamins, all with the good health of the customer in mind.

About YOR Health

YOR Health products are developed by YOR Health, a wellness company based in Irvine, Calif. In addition to YOR Health products, YOR Health supports its community of independent representatives and customers through sponsored health competitions, conferences and publications. To learn more about YOR Health products, visit