For Bahar Sedarati, MD, YOR Health Was Just What the Doctor Ordered

baharQ: What’s the backstory of Dr. Bahar Sedarati – before she became a YOR Health ambassador, that is…?
YOR Health: Dr. Bahar Sedarati is a board-certified physician in the field of internal medicine. She completed an internship and residency at Connecticut’s St. Mary’s Hospital in 2008 while studying at Yale University. She has gained extensive experience teaching and training medical students in Belize on behalf of two American medical schools. For her efforts, she earned an award highlighting her tremendous dedication to these projects.
Q: That’s fantastic. Is Dr. Sedarati involved in any medical organizations or associations?
YOR Health: Yes, Dr. Sedarati received honors from the national and regional sections of the prestigious American College of Physicians (ACP) for the years 2005 and 2006. She’s also heavily involved in the Persian-American Cancer Institute. Her other commitments include serving as a board member for a premier international organization that examines the onset of genetic diseases in Sephardic Jews. Q: Did Dr. Sedarati have any reservations at first about using these products?
YOR Health: Yes – in fact, she had been initially skeptical about exploring this path due to her medical background. Before using any YOR Health product, she carefully analyzed each individual ingredient and was highly impressed. She started to take our products and even recommended them to several of her patients. In a few months, she had lost nearly 25 pounds and her health profile had improved drastically. She reports that many of her patients cited similar results.

Q: Aside from offering these health benefits, how have YOR Health products assisted Dr. Sedarati in her daily activities?
YOR Health: In her spare time, she’s busy pursuing some of her greatest passions: photography, painting and fashion design. She says our products give her the energy necessary to enjoy her favorite hobbies after a long day serving her valued patients.