Multi-Sport Athlete David Girardet Waves Flag for YOR Health

Q: Who is David Girardet and what is his daily exercise routine?
YOR Health: David Girardet is the owner of a shop dedicated to runners and other athlete. He trains up to 25 hours each week, which totals anywhere from 150 to 300 kilometers. Performing at that level requires a regimen of nutrients and vitamins that can be found in all YOR Health products.

Q: What is David Girardet’s claim to fame?

YOR Health: David’s most powerful accomplishment was securing first place in the 1998 World Junior Duathlon Championship. During the course of his athletic career, David has taken part in three different Ironman of Hawaii events: 2000, 2004, and 2007. David has also placed second in the Swiss Triatholon Championships, and twice ranked in the top three of the Swiss Duathlon Championships. He holds numerous titles throughout his, including the Swiss Championship 100 km held in Biel, Switzerland.Q: How was David first introduced to the YOR Health line of products?
YOR Health: A longtime client of David’s visited his shop one afternoon and began talking about our extensive product line. He was extremely impressed with the information and decided to check out our website ( The rest, as they say, is history.

Q: What’s been the most prominent benefit of using these products?
YOR Health: Our products have proven to be a critical part of David’s daily training by cutting down his recovery times dramatically. He says he’s also been able to maintain an appropriate weight. In particular, David enjoys the YOR MRP and the entire Enzymes line. Both products allow him to keep a certain amount of consistency in his diet. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, SuperGreens gives him the ability to bounce back after long, intense workouts. And at the end of each run, David uses YOR Repair to begin the recovery process.