YOR Shake Shines as Staple Product

YOR HealthAt YORHealth, a focus on nutritional health is paramount to helping people live out their dreams on both personal and professional levels. Now, YORHealth has added another tremendous product to their weight management program: YOR Shake.

Q: For newcomers to your company, what is the YOR Shake?

YORHealth: The YOR Shake, previously known as the YOR MRP, is the staple of our product line.

Q: Which set of YORHealth customers can benefit most from YOR Shake?

YORHealth: Many people who have embarked on the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge are consistently using this product to achieve great results. That said, all customers are encouraged to give the YOR Shake a try.

Q: What is the calorie count in a serving of YOR Shake?

YORHealth: The YOR Shake contains just 140 calories in each serving, perfect for a daily diet.

Q: How is the YOR Shake packaged for consumers and how do I use it?

YORHealth: Simply put two scoops of this healthy and nutritious YOR Shake into a blender along with 8 ounces of water. Alternately, consumers can use the YOR Shaker Cup. After about 30 seconds of blending, the end result will knock their socks off.

Q: Does YOR Shake contain additives or preservatives like many other nutritional products do?

YORHealth: YOR Shake gives nutritional balance with 22 minerals and vitamins, as well as 20 grams of protein. With no yeast, artificial colors or aspartame, it’s a perfectly safe and natural product.

Q: How does YOR Shake benefit the daily lives of YORHealth customers?

YORHealth: YOR Shake is a satisfying treat that packs anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and proteins into a calorie-controlled and convenient combination. It is sure to appeal to all YORHealth customers.

Q: What flavors of the YOR Shake are offered to customers?

YOR Health: At this time, both chocolate and vanilla flavors have been made available for the enjoyment of YORHealth customers.

Q: Does the YOR Shake contain any of the popular YORHealth enzyme blends?

YORHealth: It does! In addition to being such a delicious treat, the YOR Shake features Aminogen and Carbogen, two of our company’s patented enzyme blends.

Q: How can these enzyme blends serve my overall health?

YORHealth: These enzyme blends from YORHealth provide necessary energy and strength for day-to-day activities, a virtue of their significant amounts of protein. They also help people maximize their intake of complex carbohydrates.

Q: Why is the YOR Shake such a practical tool?

YORHealth: Pre-calculated meals serve to ease the concern of consumers who must plan their daily food intake. In the end, it is only necessary to focus on a regular exercise plan.

Q: Why is the YOR Shake become recognized as a tremendous revolution in the health and wellness industry?

YORHealth: As a whole, YORHealth features members around the world who are hoping to attain the same goals, including freedom, prosperity and health. These ideals are only valid if YORHealth customers and independent representatives share them with the general public as a way to influence others to take part in this journey.