YORHealth Announces Winners of ‘Slim’ Categories for YOR Best Body Challenge

Logo for Best Body ChallengeQ: For those readers who are unfamiliar with the YOR Best Body Challenge, what exactly does it entail?

YORHealth: The YOR Best Body Challenge allows members to maximize potential from nutritional routines by using YORHealth products, by setting goals, and then sticking to those newly acquired healthy habits.

Q: How can YORHealth participants submit results for the YORHealth Best Body Challenge?

YORHealth: Upon completion of the 8-Week Challenge, members are required to send in a written testimonial as well as a series of “after” photos.

Q: Is there a deadline for participants?

YORHealth: Photos must be uploaded within 24 hours of completion of the challenge. On a bimonthly basis, our team rewards customers who have seen the most progress during the entire eight-week period.

Q: What happens if a member’s entry gets lost in the mail?

YORHealth: Unfortunately, our team cannot be held responsible for late or lost entries. No late entries are accepted.

Q: What’s the next step after winning the 8-Week Challenge?

YORHealth: The champions then receive entry into the YOR Best Body Overall Championship, which is part of the YORHealth Annual Conference.

Q: How is the greater YORHealth community directly involved in this process?

YORHealth: These special challengers appreciate the goodwill and support from their fellow community members. Community members can vote for their favorite challenge participants on the YORHealth website.

Q: Who was the men’s Slim category champion?

YORHealth: The first-prize winner was Paul Karl, Jr., who earned $3000 for his efforts.

Q: To what can Paul attribute this achievement?

YORHealth: Paul used the YOR MRPs to replace his daily breakfast and lunch. For dinner, he enjoyed a sensible meal full of vegetables and whole grains. Other products such as the Complete Burn and the Digest Ultra gave him a needed boost along the way.

Q: Which challenger prevailed in the women’s Slim category?

YORHealth: The effervescent Maria Estela Guzman Martinez – hailing from Hermosillo, Mexico – surpassed all her challengers as the champion.

Q: In general, how was Maria’s chances of success improved by YORHealth products?

YORHealth: Maria began her day with one Probiotic and one Repair. Throughout the day, she enjoyed an MRP shake with Berry Blast and SuperGreens mixed together. Maria’s typical lunch included a small meal featuring salads, vegetables and other healthy foods.

Q: What are some of the leading factors that impact results?

YORHealth: Factors could include exercise routine, metabolism, diet, medical conditions, pregnancy, smoking and current medications.

Q: How can people better enhance their long-term results?

YORHealth: A steady diet full of vitamins and minerals is important, along with regular physical activity. These habits can work in tandem to produce weight loss results.

Q: Where can I learn more about when the next YOR Best Body Challenge will be held?

YORHealth: For further details about this year’s YOR Best Body Challenge presented by YORHealth, go online to yorbestbody.com/theChallenge/schedule.aspx.

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