YORHealth Lifts Marcela Jota Vallejo Out of Troubling Work Situation

YORHealthBorn in Huejutla, Hidalgo, Mexico, Marcela Jota Vallejo has endured many challenges in her 26 years. She has overcome a series of obstacles in her work and home life by joining the YORHealth community.

Q: What difficulties had Marcela faced during her childhood?

YORHealth: Marcela and her two brothers grew up in a family that often struggled to keep a roof over their heads. She vowed not to repeat history by finding a better way in her career.

Q: Where did Marcela find the strength to move past her childhood hardships?

YORHealth: Marcela decided to pursue a career where she could afford the basic necessities and save up for future plans. Unfortunately, she experienced the dramatic reverberations of an unstable economy soon after graduating college. A friend of hers shared information about our company and encouraged her to become an independent representative.

Q: Was Marcela hesitant about pursuing this opportunity at first?

YORHealth: Despite the lack of a business background, Marcela knew that she craved financial stability. Her friends helped her overcome her worst fears and challenged her to test her limits. In the end, she headed down a path of transformation that would change her life forever. Marcela also credits her parents, siblings, and her boyfriend, Conce, for supporting her through this journey.

Q: Going forward, how does Marcela expect her role in the YORHealth community to evolve?

YORHealth: Marcela is motivated to serve her community as a shining example of hard work and determination. Given the immense blessings in her life, she has made it her greatest commitment to give back to others. Overall, Marcela is thrilled to be involved with a movement based on happiness, trust and friendship.