YOR Health Announces New Extended Customer Service Hours

YOR HealthIn an effort to better serve its customers, YOR Health has extended its customer care support hours to include weekends.

Q: Why was the decision made to increase YOR Health customer care hours?

A: Our customers and representatives are our most valuable asset. We strongly believe that having access to customer care agents is an advantage to each member of the YOR Health family. Our customers have shown a commitment to us seven days a week and by adding the extended hours we have simply returned the favor.

Q: Is the new schedule a sign of positive business growth?

A: Absolutely. As our customers continue to grow so must we. Providing weekend hours for new and existing customers to reach our dedicated customer care specialists paves a path that encourages communication and stimulates growth for both the company and our customers.

Q: What will be different about the customer service available on weekends versus weekdays?

A: There is no difference. We will be open from 7 AM until 3:30 PM Pacific time and will answer the same questions or address any of the same concerns as what could possibly arise during the week. Our staff is trained to assist customers with any YOR Health question they may have.

Q: Aside from general product questions, are YOR Health customer care specialists able to communicate with clients regarding other needs?

A: Yes. Regardless whether it’s a question, comment, or concern, our customer care agents are happy to help. Online support is available to customers by logging into their admin center. There, specialists can answer questions about products, usage, membership, distribution, or shipping.