YORHealth Allows Sheel Patel to Take Care of His Family

YORHealthFor YORHealth consumer Sheel Patel, a difficult home life proved to be just the thing to spur him onto great success. Growing up in a crime-ridden neighborhood in Lowell, Massachusetts, Patel experienced a number of hardships that may have caused many other people to throw in the towel. His parents were immigrants who did not know the culture or the language when they moved to the United States. Patel felt uncomfortable in school and failed to see a brighter future ahead.

Committed to making his parents proud and achieving a level of personal and professional freedom, Patel accepted the challenge set forth by YORHealth and its esteemed group of leaders. In the last year, Patel has seen the YORHealth team make a series of positive changes that have led towards renewal and rediscovery for all members.

Patel appreciates the fact that YORHealth mentors are incredibly generous with their time. At first, he struggled to stick to the program and leaned heavily on their guidance during the early stages. Once Patel settled into his new nutritional routine, he began seeing remarkable results in both his mental and physical fitness.

Since joining YORHealth, Patel has moved into a new home and purchased a dream vacation for his parents: a month-long tour of Europe. With the ability to create his own schedule, he now has time for hobbies such as basketball and interior design. Patel’s latest project is redesigning his parents’ home, an opportunity that seemed like an impossible dream a couple years ago.

Eager to spread the message about YORHealth, Patel credits the company for upholding its core values of trust, integrity, friendship and happiness. With the most powerful support system in his corner, Patel looks forward to welcoming more people into the fold and encouraging a community mindset among his fellow members.