YOR Health Products Team Congratulates Ben “Abstacker” on 2013 Victories

YOR Health ProductsYOR Health Advisory Group member Ben “Abstacker” Handsaker was awarded the title of Overall Winner in the 2013 Asia-Pacific championships. Handsaker, during his third attempt, was also honored as the Overall Men’s Champion and ANB Fitness Model. Ben beat out hundreds of men from an international pool of fitness models to achieve these impressive victories.

The YOR Health Products Team reports that Ben is no stranger to the spotlight. In 2013, he also competed in and won a number of national and international fitness competitions including First Place in the Model Australia competition. Handsaker earned a second-place ranking in the physique category in the 2013 Musclemania Australia.

Ben says that YOR Health Products have been a major source of support throughout the many exhaustive hours of training it has taken to place so well in these competitions. Because of his notable wins in the past year, Ben was selected to represent his home country of Australia at the World Championships. In November of 2013 he was a noted competitor during the fitness America weekend which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When asked what he thinks about YOR Health products, Ben states, “I am feeling truly blessed.” Ben affirms that YOR Health products are the best on the market and believes their high quality will continue to push the company into the spotlight. YOR Health products, he states, are more than just supplements, they are nutrition for life on the go. And, with Ben “Abstacker” Handsaker as the Australian face of YOR Health, YOR is sure to herald a new era of health for thousands of people across the globe.

The YOR Health Products Teams congratulates Handsaker and looks forward to what the future has in store for the “Abstacker.”