YOR Health Earn Accolades from Direct Sales Association

Dennis Wong YOR HealthDennis Wong of YOR Health is proud to report that YOR Health has been officially recognized by the DSA (Direct Sales Association). As a result of the company’s participation in the Code of Ethics Communications Initiatives, YOR Health has become a pioneer in ethical direct sales. Over the last six years, the team at YOR Health has raised the bar of health and wellness while offering opportunities for motivated people to take charge of their professional destinies. Direct sales is at the foundation of this revolutionary company.

In order to further define the goals and visions of the company’s leadership, Dennis Wong and YOR Health have laid out a series of 13 core values that all customers, independent representatives and management can follow. More than simple catchphrases or clichés, these core values represent a tried and true way of life. By upholding the loftiest standards of communications ethics, Dennis Wong and YOR Health have been deemed worthy of praise from the Direct Sales Association and gladly accept this honor.

According to Dennis Wong of YOR Health, this recognition by the DSA is an outward symbol of the company’s commitment to strong ethical values. YOR Health continues to be an active member of the Direct Sales Association and supports all of the organization’s initiatives.

Created in 1973, the Direct Selling Education Foundation has proven to be a major benefit for ethical entrepreneurship by developing partnerships with entrepreneurship, small business owners, educators, public policy officials, consumer advocates and other parties. In engaging with the public about core issues related to direct sales and ethical leadership, the organization supports business in a variety of forms and strengthens the worldwide economy. Dennis Wong and YOR Health management appreciate the knowledge and guidance offered in this empowering and encouraging environment.