Encouraging Physical Activity

Dennis Wong YOR HealthYOR Health utilizes a worldwide network of distributors who promote the company’s mantra for a healthy way of life. YOR Health co-founder has learned a great deal about people’s exercise habits from the Promoters and customers he calls friends. Here, Wong answers questions and shares some of the wisdom relating to physical activity he’s collected over the years.

Q: What’s the best type of exercise, in your opinion?

There isn’t necessarily an overall best exercise. It’s paramount, however, to engage in a number of different types of physical activities and integrate exercise into your daily routine. This helps you stay interested, maintain momentum, and give different muscle groups the opportunity to work and rest.

Q: Should I just go ahead and jump headfirst into a new exercise routine?

While YOR Health encourages physical activity, it’s best to start out gradually. Jumping headfirst into a vigorous exercise routine can do more harm than good. Even after your body is used to new types of strain, you should still warm up with at least a short walk prior to any exercise to get your cardiovascular system prepared.

Q: Should I set goals for myself?

Absolutely! You can make these short or long-term objectives. Accomplishing even small daily goals is rewarding and encouraging.

Q: Is there one single muscle group I should focus on?

All your muscles need work but your back and abdominals are the most critical for strength training. A strong core, from an exercise standpoint, is the single most important cog in the machine that is your body.

Q: How often should I drink water while exercising?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Water is absolutely critical to the body and all of its systems. You need to make sure you’re drinking both before and after physical activity. It’s also a good idea to stay hydrated during your exercise regimen since water is lost through perspiration.