Women Take Top Prize

Dennis Wong YOR HealthBody transformations are never easy, says Dennis Wong.  Their members prove, however, that they are possible. Here, Dennis Wong congratulates winners in Group #65 and offers praise to the dedicated men and women who stepped up their game, despite personal adversity.

Q: Group #65 was an amazing set of individuals. Talk to us about the Women’s Slim winner.

Dennis Wong: That’s Araceli Martinez and her story is one that should be told. Araceli suffered a huge personal loss earlier this year. She was broken. Depressed. One day, she stepped onto the scale and had to do a double take. It said she was 33 pounds heavier than she’d ever been.

Q: How did she fare in the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge?

DW: She did an amazing job and lost 24 pounds. But it wasn’t her weight loss that makes her win so inspirational; what she gained is the real story here. Araceli realized she wasn’t living her life at 100% and opened her heart to real change. She says she’s no longer down in the dumps and has quit turning to food for comfort.

Q: There were some rather impressive entries into the Women’s Sculpt category as well?

DW: Without a doubt! Gloria Sierra, our Challenge Group #65 Women’s Sculpt 1st Place Winner, is just one example.

Q: And what a great testament to the products! Tell us about her.

DW: Gloria has always lived what she considered a healthy lifestyle. But when she first started her journey with YOR Health, she began to see that something had been missing. She quickly noticed that her energy levels were higher than ever and that she was masking some bad habits. Today, she stands tall knowing that her body is in balance and that the future of her health is bright.