YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge Winners

YOR HealthChallenge Group #65 served up some tough competition, says YOR co-founder, who offers praise for the Men’s Slim and Men’s Sculpt winners.

Q: What group most recently completed the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge?

Dennis Wong: This last round was Group #65. There were Challengers from all over the world and the body transformations were unreal. I am humbled more with each and every Challenge Group and always look forward to the next.

Q: What was the top prize for each category?

YHDW: As always, first place in each group got to take home $1,000 in YOR Health products of their choosing.

Q: Tell us about Geovany Espinoza…

YHDW: Geovany is incredible and more than deserved to take home the gold in the Men’s Slim Challenge Group. With 31 pounds lost, this Culiacan, Mexico, resident has an inspiring story to tell. Geovany had started to feel bad about himself. He decided it was time to regain self-confidence and he turned to the YOR Health community for help. He says that during the Challenge he began to realize that real change comes from within.

Q: And the Men’s Sculpt winner…?

Yor Health Dennis Wong: That honor goes to Mr. Dean Coutts, an Aussie who proves that you can come out on top, even when you come from Down Under. Dean realized a few months ago on a trip to the beach with friends that his body was starting to slow down. He decided it was time to take control and step up to the Challenge. In eight short weeks, Dean reports he has learned that health and wellness are about becoming a better version of himself and not simply about comparing his physique to anyone else.