Raysa Castillo Success Story

YOR-Health-Raysa-CastilloGoing from a size 24 to a 12 is no easy feat, says CEO Dennis Wong.  Raysa Castillo agrees, but says the journey was made easier with the team. Here, Wong shares the story about Castillo’s amazing 112 pound weight loss.

Q: What prompted Raysa Castillo to take control of her weight?

Dennis Wong: When Raysa moved to the US in the mid-1980s, she and her new husband were both in great shape, having been eating mostly raw or boiled foods for their entire lives. After gaining over 100 pounds and seeing her sister pass at a young age due to diabetes, she knew she was ready to make a change.

Q: How fast did the pounds start to come off?

DW: Like many people, Raysa found initial weight loss pretty easy once she started. After a year or so, her weight began to decrease at a slower pace. She said she could tell this program was different because the pounds did not return as they had with other programs. This continued success proved to her that YOR Health was not just another gimmick or fad diet company.

Q: Did Raysa set out to become a “100 Pound Club” member?

DW: Yes, actually! Seeing other people’s journeys had motivated her. In 2013, at 80 pounds down, she entered an 8-Week Challenge and shed an additional 32 pounds!

Q: What are her plans moving forward?

DW: Raysa says that she intends to improve both her health and her financial status as an IR with YOR Health. She would like to help other people regain their quality of life and continue to improve her personal and professional relationships.