Getting “Real” with Oscar

Dennis Wong YOR HealthOscar Reyes Real is a college professor from Colmina, Mexico. This formerly 420-pound man wasn’t expecting a change this quickly. Here, Wong explains how it was Real’s students that finally taught him that an open heart was better than a closed mind.

Q: How did Oscar Real find out about YOR Health?

Dennis Wong: Like many of our customers and IRs, Real heard about us from people familiar with the company. What makes Real’s discovery different, though, is that it was actually his students who first introduced him to the products.

Q: Was he immediately enthusiastic?

DW: Not at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. Real was pretty offended that his underlings would suggest he partake in something people 20 years his junior were doing. He just knew that he could take control of his weight on his own and he was going to prove it. After numerous failed attempts, Real actually started thinking about bariatric surgery.

Q: What stopped Real from doing the gastric bypass?

DW: Although he had friends who had undergone the surgery with success, the high risk of death (20%) was too much of a gamble for this husband and father. He decided that he would rather be morbidly obese than to die on the operating table.

Q: When did Real finally agree to try YOR Health products?

DW: Those same students that had begged him to look into it a few years before were still posting about it on Facebook – and still seeing results. He clicked on a link one night while lying in bed with his wife. He thought to himself that the only things he had to lose was either weight or money. Fortunately for him, it wasn’t money. Real is down by 107 pounds. He says he is a better teacher because of it and has learned to listen, even when it means swallowing his pride.