Determination Changes Lives

Josefina Estrada before after 50 pounds lostFormer healthcare professional Josefina Estrada was healthy and active when an accident stole her ability to move. She gained over 100 pounds and thought she was doomed to a sedentary way of life. These products returned her passion for living. Here, Wong discusses Estrada’s remarkable transformation.

Q: What caused Josefina Estrada to gain weight?

Dennis Wong: Josefina had a major accident in the mid-1980s that severely injured three of her vertebras. She was forced to undergo surgery to repair the damage. While the surgery saved her life, it took away her ability to play basketball, a sport she had been actively involved in for her entire life. Everyday tasks became painful and she was resolved to being trapped in a body that had grown to twice its normal size.

Q: Did she try any weight loss programs prior to finding YOR Health?

DW: She tried everything, even consulting with a bariatric doctor. As a nurse, Josephina knew the risks involved and ultimately decided that she would work on nutrition first. It was her sister, Dr. Elvia Felix, who finally got through to her that there was a real solution out there.

Q: Has Josefina been able to lose weight despite her injuries?

DW: I am proud to say that she has lost 104 pounds, all without exercise.  Part of this weight loss has come from replacing her sugar-laden soda habit with YOR Shake and YOR Berry Blast. These satiate her desire for something sweet while providing her body vital nutrients.

Q: Does she have a favorite YOR Health product?

DW: She says she loves them all but her daily routine consists of YOR Shake, YOR Berry Blast, YOR Digest Ultra, YOR Repair Ultra, and YOR Fiber Plus. With these products, she has been able to maintain her weight loss and enjoy more pain-free days, meaning she can stay active and healthy.