100 Pound Club Member Praised

lost 100 pounds yor healthA total transformation is what Israel Caballero experienced when he reluctantly signed up. According to Dennis Wong has become part of Caballero’s life and also gave him the motivation to join the ranks of the 100 Pound Club.

Q: Who is Israel Caballero?

Dennis Wong: Mr. Caballero is a husband and father from Monterrey, Mexico, who lost over 100 pounds through diet, exercise, and a daily wellness routine that includes YOR Health products.

Q: How did he find out about the YOR Health opportunity?

DW: In 2012, a family friend called Israel and his wife to tell them about a project that could not only improve their health, but their financial status as well. Israel says he was curious about losing weight but was concerned that it was nothing more than another unhealthy way to drop a few pounds, only to gain it back later. However, at the urging of his wife – who was more interested in the wealth-earning opportunity – Israel purchased the Entrepreneur kit. It did not take long for him to see results.

Q: How did other people’s testimonials affect Israel’s desire to try the products?

DW: He says he was very excited to hear about people just like him who had lost weight and regained their self-confidence. He was further encouraged by the network of people he met in person who had seen real results.

Q: Has Israel Caballero continued to make YOR Health a part of his everyday lifestyle?

DW: Yes! After losing 40 pounds without any exercise, Israel decided to join four separate YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenges. Today, with a total of 101 pounds down, he is a proud member of our exclusive 100 Pound Club. He uses YOR Repair Ultra, YOR Probiotics Ultra, YOR Digest Ultra, and YOR SuperGreens to bring balance and harmony to his digestive system.