Customer Gabriel “Gabe” Navarro an Inspiration

Before after Yor HealthGabriel “Gabe” Navarro is 130 pounds lighter after using YOR Products. The 36 year old was once passed over for employment due to his weight, but has now found success, health, and even love has given Gabe more than he could have imagined. Here, Wong talks about his friend and one of YOR’s most inspirational promoters.

Q: What was Gabe Navarro’s highest weight?

Dennis Wong: When Gabe first joined, he weighed an astounding 290 pounds. He suffered the pain and humiliation typical of morbid obesity and said he felt trapped in his own body. Gabe faced daily discrimination and felt that other people judged him by nothing more than his physical appearance.

Q: How did Gabe’s weight affect his personal relationships?

DW: At his lowest point, Gabe felt like he had lost everything. He and his wife divorced and he was unable to see his young son as often as he wanted. He became somewhat of a social recluse, keeping only a very few close contacts. Fortunately, it was one of these friends that helped Gabe wipe the dust from the mirror and see his true self.

Q: What types of YOR Health events and training has Gabe attended?

DW: Gabe would be at every event and every training seminar that we had if it was possible! He is truly one of the most dedicated promoters I have ever seen and I frequently run into him at leadership meetings.

Q: How has YOR Health helped Gabe socially?

DW: Having lost the equivalent of a seventh-grade boy around his waist, Gabe now has the confidence to approach people and strike up conversations during what would otherwise be awkward social situations. And, at one of our meetings a few years back, he met the woman who, to this day, he describes as the love of his life.