Living Bare in Your Bedroom

In our busy lifestyles, our bedrooms represent places to seek refuge from the stress, the effort, and the frustration of everyday life. Every room in our homes should reflect who we are, and the bedroom is a great place to start for a makeover. With the following tips and tricks, you can transform your bedroom into an oasis of restfulness, relaxation, and recharging. Let’s get ready to Live Bare in our bedrooms!

Highlighting the Sensory Experiences

Bedrooms should encompass sensory experiences, particularly in sight, smell, and touch senses. By concentrating on these three senses, you can achieve the calmness and relaxation you crave.

Lighting is the primary component of sight. In our bedrooms, we may enjoy reading, or may simply enjoy stretching out on the bed and getting some rest. The amount and type of light in our bedrooms can facilitate these activities. The key is layered lighting; task lighting for tasks like reading, and gentle, diffused light to set the stage for relaxation. Look at the sources of light currently in your bedroom. Providing a light source that illuminates your book or other focused activities makes sense. If you have a large, sunny window, try to diffuse some of the brilliant sunlight with light-colored or sheer fabric panels. By diffusing the light, you can help to eliminate shadows, and the diffusion can actually brighten the room.

Next, comes the sense of smell. Our smell sense is powerful; scents can influence our moods and our sense of well-being. Think about some of your favorite scents. With certain scents, you can transport yourself to the beach, or to a flower-filled meadow, or to a dewy, peaceful forest. Try to capture those sensations by choosing scents that bring back fond memories or help you imagine your favorite places. Linen sprays are a great way to freshen up the bed and furnishings in your bedroom. One of the most popular scents to use for relaxation is lavender. Another great way to add scent to your bedroom is by using essential oils in an aromatherapy diffuser. Even a vase of freshly-cut flowers can enhance the peace and tranquility you crave in your bedroom.

Finally, our sense of touch should be recognized and enhanced, especially in the bedroom. We spend a lot of time lounging in our beds – it makes sense to have those beds represent warm, inviting, and soothing places to spend time. Natural textiles, especially cotton and fine linen, make excellent choices for bed sheets. Making your bed is a simple and free way to improve the feel of the room, too. A messy, rumpled bed is not conducive to relaxation; by smoothing the sheets and tucking in those corners, you can go a long way toward achieving the peace and restfulness needed to conquer stress.