About YOR Health Products

YOR Health ProductsYOR Health products bring people worldwide together to further the company’s mission of improving the health of citizens worldwide. With delicious, scientifically tested products, the company takes the concept of health far beyond simply being in good physical condition. YOR Health products are designed to foster food health in each member’s mental, professional and financial lives as well.

Building confidence supplements everything YOR Health products does. Through annual conferences, members learn to live more productive, happier lives where they excel in all their endeavors. YOR Health products are designed to give members maximum support as they work to reach their peak physical condition and maintain that condition long-term.

YOR Health products have impressed so many members that they often refer YOR Health products to others. With scientific, athletic and international advisory boards, the company is positioned to help members by providing the best products and tips. In addition to a magazine and helpful website, the company also has an annual conference to bring members together to share tips and inspire each other to continue to strive for the best.

YOR Health products also help members compete in fitness challenges, with financial rewards for winners. In addition to these competitions, members are also invited to getaways in exciting locations, like 2013’s annual conference in Costa Mesa and a Getaway trip to San Diego, CA. YOR Health products are a part of every outing, where members engage in activities to help them become more self-aware, both setting and achieving their goals.

Through its extensive line of shakes, vitamins and stick packs, members have access to all the tools they need to be healthy. YOR Health products are ideal for a variety of member needs, including weight management, energy and fitness, digestive health, and a line of products designed to restore essential nutrients. Backed by science, detailed information on YOR Health products is available to anyone using the company’s products.