Dennis Wong – YOR Health Customer Gabriel “Gabe” Navarro an Inspiration

Dennis Wong YOR HealthGabriel “Gabe” Navarro is 130 pounds lighter, thanks to YOR Health. The 36 year old was once passed over for employment due to his weight, but has now found success, health, and even love, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health has given Gabe more than he could have imagined. Here, Wong talks about his friend and one of YOR Health’s most inspirational promoters.

Q: What was Gabe Navarro’s highest weight?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: When Gabe first joined YOR Health, he weighed an astounding 290 pounds. He suffered the pain and humiliation typical of morbid obesity and said he felt trapped in his own body. Gabe faced daily discrimination and felt that other people judged him by nothing more than his physical appearance.

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100 Pound Club Member Praised by Dennis Wong, YOR Health Co-Founder

YOR-Health-Israel-Peralta-Caballero.pngA total transformation is what Israel Caballero experienced when he reluctantly signed up with YOR Health. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health has become part of Caballero’s life and also gave him the motivation to join the ranks of the 100 Pound Club.

Q: Who is Israel Caballero?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Mr. Caballero is a husband and father from Monterrey, Mexico, who lost over 100 pounds through diet, exercise, and a daily wellness routine that includes YOR Health products.

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Dennis Wong, YOR Health, Says Determination Changes Lives

YOR-Health-Josefina-Felix-EstradaFormer healthcare professional Josefina Estrada was healthy and active, when an accident stole her ability to move. She gained over 100 pounds and thought she was doomed to a sedentary way of life, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health returned her passion for living. Here, Wong discusses Estrada’s remarkable transformation.

Q: What caused Josefina Estrada to gain weight?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Josefina had a major accident in the mid-1980s that severely injured three of her vertebras. She was forced to undergo surgery to repair the damage. While the surgery saved her life, it took away her ability to play basketball, a sport she had been actively involved in for her entire life. Everyday tasks became painful and she was resolved to being trapped in a body that had grown to twice its normal size.

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Dennis Wong, YOR Health Co-Founder, Praises Raysa Castillo

Dennis Wong YOR HealthGoing from a size 24 to a 12 is no easy feat, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health customer Raysa Castillo agrees, but says the journey was made easier with YOR Health. Here, Wong shares the story about Castillo’s amazing 112 pound weight loss.

Q: What prompted Raysa Castillo to take control of her weight?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: When Raysa moved to the US in the mid-1980s, she and her new husband were both in great shape, having been eating mostly raw or boiled foods for their entire lives. After gaining over 100 pounds and seeing her sister pass at a young age due to diabetes, she knew she was ready to make a change.

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YOR Health Products Team Congratulates Ben “Abstacker” on 2013 Victories

YOR Health ProductsYOR Health Advisory Group member Ben “Abstacker” Handsaker was awarded the title of Overall Winner in the 2013 Asia-Pacific championships. Handsaker, during his third attempt, was also honored as the Overall Men’s Champion and ANB Fitness Model. Ben beat out hundreds of men from an international pool of fitness models to achieve these impressive victories.

The YOR Health Products Team reports that Ben is no stranger to the spotlight. In 2013, he also competed in and won a number of national and international fitness competitions including First Place in the Model Australia competition. Handsaker earned a second-place ranking in the physique category in the 2013 Musclemania Australia.

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YORHealth Allows Sheel Patel to Take Care of His Family

YORHealthFor YORHealth consumer Sheel Patel, a difficult home life proved to be just the thing to spur him onto great success. Growing up in a crime-ridden neighborhood in Lowell, Massachusetts, Patel experienced a number of hardships that may have caused many other people to throw in the towel. His parents were immigrants who did not know the culture or the language when they moved to the United States. Patel felt uncomfortable in school and failed to see a brighter future ahead.

Committed to making his parents proud and achieving a level of personal and professional freedom, Patel accepted the challenge set forth by YORHealth and its esteemed group of leaders. In the last year, Patel has seen the YORHealth team make a series of positive changes that have led towards renewal and rediscovery for all members.

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YOR Shake Shines as Staple Product for YORHealth

YOR HealthAt YORHealth, a focus on nutritional health is paramount to helping people live out their dreams on both personal and professional levels. Now, YORHealth has added another tremendous product to their weight management program: YOR Shake.

Q: For newcomers to your company, what is the YOR Shake?

YORHealth: The YOR Shake, previously known as the YOR MRP, is the staple of our product line.

Q: Which set of YORHealth customers can benefit most from YOR Shake?

YORHealth: Many people who have embarked on the YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge are consistently using this product to achieve great results. That said, all customers are encouraged to give the YOR Shake a try. Continue reading